About our logo design process

At unieq, we have a process by which we design your logo. First we start with a project questionnaire. This will help us get to know your company. It gives us the basic starting information we need to begin the design process. After receiving the questionnaire from you, our research begins. In the research phase, we do some general reading into your industry, find out who your competitors are, and research your competitors themselves.

What are their primary colours?

Once we get to know what your company is about, what your industry involves, and who your competitors are, we start sketching. We do all our initial sketches by hand to visualize our ideas, then we take the best sketches and re-create them digitally, finally presenting them to you for feedback.

After getting your feedback, we put together the workings of a final draft. We then bring this draft to you, and work with you to put together the finishing touches, until we have something that you are happy with, something that you feel effectively represents your business.

After the finalization of the final logo we'll start designing the stationery (letterhead, business cards and envelopes), again working with you to create the brand that represents your company.

Once we have completed this design and branding process, all files (source files included) are handed over for you to use within your company.

The importance of a logo and an identity

A logo must be appropriate for the business it identifies. A proper logo will fit the target audience, be memorable, scalable and be describable. And most importantly, an effective logo will clearly distinguish a company from its competition.

To create a strong logo it's important to know who the company is, what they do, what products they make, who their clientele is, and what their ideals are. It is also important to look at the competitors, and why they chose the logo they did. Specific features of a business can play a major role in the design. This might relate to the company’s environmental friendliness, sustainability and uniqueness.

What are their primary colours?

All of the above points are used to create the logo. When it is finished, the logo and the creative process in designing it are used to create the company’s other communication products such as stationery, business cards, envelopes and the company website.


If you are interested in discussing the branding of your company, please use our contact form to contact us. We'll reply to you shortly.