About unieq

unieq is a company specializing in brand identity design. We create designs that effectively represents the identity of each of our client companies to ensure that everyone can see what the companies do and what they stand for.

We do this for each of our clients through detailed design of logo, letterhead, business cards, envelopes and other communication materials.

Our clients range from small- and medium-sized businesses to internationally-renowned and global corporations.

Some of the clients we have worked for:
Tilburg University, PHILIPS, Mise en Place,
Tommy Teleshopping, Gemeente Bunnik, Gemeente Sint-Michielsgestel, Gemeente Maasdonk and many more.

Recognition & Awards

In the past years, some of our works have been featured on various inspiration websites, books and magazines.

2010 - Wolda '10 Award Winner | Dutch Inspired logo
2009 - Wolda '09 Award Winner | Glowe logo
2009 - Wolda '09 Award Winner | Qlicks logo

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